Mythical…(daily prompt)


My family is not mythical, no-one, not one character I’ve ever heard of. Not the past and not the present. No, for the most part my family is comprised of law-abiding working-class folks, family types with kids and not-so-exciting tastes in music.

Hence my unremarkable story. I fit right in to the family mold, nothing too standout-able. Just a regular lower-middle class chump who dislikes his bosses at work. But you know, this lack of remarkability is why I’m here. I figure it’s time this story was told, the story of a regular citizen doing his thing.

Without some truly intriguing subject matter, my task then becomes to write clearly and engagingly. So yes, there is still plenty of work to do, plenty to challenge myself with.

Mythical…that’s what I dreamed of as I passed through childhood: adventure, drama, being a warrior for truth. But it was not to be, and that’s okay. Unremarkability is my calling-card. I am not being insulting or self-critical by saying that. I acknowledge it and embrace it. I own it. I’ll continue to be unremarkable and not shy away from it.


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