Seriously? Bludgeon?! Well, this is a challenge, isn’t it? That’s how I’m approaching it anyway, as an exercise, a challenge, a way to write about something I wouldn’t typically.

Perhaps this word struck me as immediately difficult because I never use it. I’d have to say I rarely hear it either. So where do I go with this one?

My first thought was to relate it to the work situation I’ve written about. Our cooperative grocery is being transformed in the name of financial salvation. The orchestrators of this change are former (they say) corporate execs, whose actions suggest that they ar not so far removed from corporate behavior. It could be said that they are bludgeoning the cooperative spirit into submission.

Or I could address the current political dialogue here in the U.S. I am not interested in discussing current events in this forum–the point of this blog is to write about My Story. But I don’t want to shy away from what is relevant, either, and the orange buffoon running for president has bludgeoned the civic and political discourse down to the dumbest common denominator. It is quite frustrating that he even gets taken seriously.

Then there is my personal introduction to the word, which comes from reading all the sword and sorcery pulp fiction I could as an adolescent. Bludgeoning was not uncommon in those tales. And I will give thanks for the fond memories that arose when I read the prompt this morning.

But in the end, those few thoughts are the best I can do today. I am stumped. (I thought about trying to squeeze in a pun using ‘bludgeon’ for that previous line, but there is no need for that.)