It is near the end of the day, and I am just getting to the notebook, then the keyboard. I wait to write, I wait to do things for myself, but why? Self-doubt, which is a wicked cousin of laziness.

And this is typical of my life, the wait. I have waited to take care of myself due to self-doubt and a belief that I need to do for others before doing for myself. Not good. Not for myself or the ‘others’ I felt obligated to.

My intention for this blog has not been, nor will it be, a confessional self-help column. No, it’s about telling my story, but not my daily thoughts and feelings–no journalling here, it’s not my bag. But today is the exception.

I cannot wait any longer. This is for me and I want to do it now. I want to write. I’ve put it off for too long, but I refuse to accept that it’s too late. I can write, I will write. This is not intended to be inspirational either, it is simply where I am with it all. It is time.

No more waiting. When we wait to live as we’d like, no-one benefits. I do not want to wait anymore. I want to do, to be, to live.

My motto is “Always be Writing.” No longer will I always be waiting. thanks