Argument…(daily prompt)


It may speak volumes that when I read the one-word prompt for today it only took me a split second to think of something to write about. Actually, a flurry of ideas ran through my head in a flash when I saw the word ‘Argument’. So many arguments, so little time. I am not proud of them, not many anyway. I especially am not fond of thinking of those that  I have engaged in with my beloved….but there they are.

I can recall one of my early ones; not the first argument, I am sure, but one of the early ones, from when I was six or seven years old. I was at school, Centerville Elementary in Lancaster PA, and I was in the second grade. There was a kid from one of the younger grades and a friend of mine, I think we were just waiting inside until our bus was there to pick us up. I was telling these two, or trying to tell them, how old this kid was based on his grade. In my mind, you were a certain age for each grade; although I always started the school year at one age and finished at another….But I was convinced of this kid’s age (why?! why did I care?!) and I was determined to convince him of how old he was, because my powers of reasoning have always been superior.

Again, this kid is younger than me, but we’re the same size (I was always among the smallest in my class–every class). At some point his response to all of this is to punch me in the stomach. Oof! Well, I’ve never been much of a fighter, and I think deep down I saw some justice in this response, so I took it and got on the bus to go home.

Okay, enough of that story. It’s not the whole point, it’s just an example to share. You see, what I want to explain is that I realize I am a very literal person. Moreover, and I think it is related to my literality, is that I have a hard time being misunderstood. (I also have a hard time being wrong, that is true; I probably need to write a bunch about that as well, but this page only has so much room…) But truly, being misunderstood is tough, really tough for me. Even if I am not trying to prove someone else wrong, I find that I will go to great lengths to make myself understood. And the thing is, that often leads to arguments, or anyway, it doesn’t help an argument get resolved.

I no longer have the single-minded immaturity that I present in my age/grade example….but I still engage in these types of dialogue. Perhaps the hardest for me is in my work, which is all customer service. There are times when I must simply nod and say thank you and let the customer have their opinion. But oh! the urge to explain can be a hard one to suppress. Yay for arguments!


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