I am grateful for the daily prompt because it gives me something else to think about outside of my usual stories. However, today has been hard: since I read the one-word prompt I have had Madonna’s 1983 hit “Borderline” playing in my head. Having a song stuck on repeat is not my favorite, even when I like the song.

On top of that, I was trying to formulate thoughts around borders, but Madonna really interfered with that, as every few seconds whatever train of thought I had going was derailed, to be replaced by her singing about love….

So here at the end of the day, with my thought processes slowing down, I will give in to her. The thing is, I was not a fan of that song back in the day. Even now it’s not one of my favorites of hers. But what I appreciate about it is the feeling that it brings up in me. This is not just sloppy sentimentality, this is a true feeling that arises. It happens with many songs, but only songs from the 1980s. There are plenty of other songs from my childhood, my young adulthood, that resonate, but only the 80s have such a hold on me.

It is not that I recall happy times, or specific people. It is memory. I still struggle to describe memory and how I see it and understand it, but there is something in the music from that era that brings it back up in a fresh, vibrant way. Again, it is not all fun times and ‘good old days’ thoughts, but it is a strong memory that can transport me. It is similar to how a smell-memory can take one back very specifically to a time and place (I have one of those in my memory bank, a smell that takes me back to kindergarten and the auditorium at school; years later, decades later, that smell continues to have the same effect on me). So I simply enjoy the feeling of being back there, high school in New Jersey, then a move to Florida, and learning slowly about being a teenager.

I love lots of that music, even if I don’t like each song itself, because of what it makes me feel. And that’s what I was prompted to do today. thank you