I was in my early teens, talking to my eldest brother, in his late twenties, talking about work. I told him I never wanted to “work”, not in an office, not in a regular-old day job. As I said it, I realized it was true.  He responded  “Oh, we all think that at some point.”

True though it might have been for me, I still fell into the world of work. I avoided much of it for a time, traveling and working bits here and there to enable further travel. But by my early 30s I was deep in it, working a job–as in a regular, full-time, gotta pay the bills jobby-job.

I’ve only gotten deeper in it over the years, to the point that extracting myself seems to be a monumental task. But that has been my latest realization: I don’t mind work, I’m not lazy, but I realize I do not want to answer to someone else any longer.

More realizations: I am fortunate to have a job, and a good-paying one; I am fortunate to live in a place where I have the luxury to even think about changing my income. So I am not complaining, whining, or feeling put-upon. No, I simply have come to recognize that putting my fate in the hands of a boss who I may or may not agree with is not how I want to move through life.

So I realize that it’s time to realize my dream. I don’t know the details yet, but I have an exit strategy that will reveal those details in time.

And I realize that finding my way out of the traditional ” work-world” is going to be some of the hardest work of my life…time to get realizing.