This is it, my final three-day stretch , officially, in my current job. I train these next couple days and then I’m basically full-time and on my own next week in the new digs: same organization, same bosses, but new space new co-workers new duties new schedule…eight years in one job and now I see its endgame.

Change is fine. I have never been the quickest changer, but change is fine. This change, this swapping of positions within the organization, is more rapid than any I’ve encountered. But like all of it, I know this is a test of my will and my willingness, my ability and my adaptability.

Some folks live in the change more happily than others, some shrivel in routines. I like some amount of both (Libra that I am), a routine in which to base myself, but…okay, actually I can say that I like a routine of change, but wherein the familiarity is an anchor.

But, you know, whereas I can say I like familiarity, now that the change has been offered to me I suddenly feel stale in my current role. As I mentioned, eight years are behind me: I am ready to go. Two years ago I was ready, even three or four. But now it’s past time and a good time to do it.

As a kid, the changes came more frequently, as in every couple of years. But I did not learn from those experiences, I did not discover coping tools. I simply went along as I had to. Now? Now I have some sense of how to co-exist with change. For work, that simply means organization.

Lists and checklists will be the rule of the day. I’ll step into newness and be orderly and systematic about it, and I’ll flow with it and not try to control it, but just allow the circumstances to be what they need to be.

This is a good time for all and sundry, as my shift creates flow, lots of flow within our ranks. Several people will move up, some will move aside, and fresh eyes and the perspectives contained therein will rule the day. We will adapt and then we will thrive, and then one day soon this will be a memory and the past. The present is all there really is anyway. And all I can really do is approach the change as it is, and as I am, today. It is happening now, so I must keep my feet grounded in the present.