Why ABW? Why do I want to ABW? And what does ABW mean to me?

Well, the concept comes from a movie clip of ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’. I’ve never seen the movie, but I came across this clip a while back as I surfed the web….then my YouTube guru, Casey Neistat, referenced the quintessential line from it concerning one of his tattoos.

I can’t say what the movie is about, as I don’t know, but the scene at centerstage here involves real estate salesmen getting lectured; the salesmen are lackluster puds, apparently, and the lecturer is a hotshot who exhorts them to “always be closing”. glengarry_rectThis means they must work harder, much harder, and always be wrapping up a sale. Young master Casey was inspired by that, as he tries to work harder and do more.

Why do I want to ABW though? Because I want more out of my life than I’ve had, I want to invest more in myself. I want to write and make something happen in my writing, and I won’t do that if I’m only halfway in.

I MUST BE ALL IN, and that means to always be writing. To me, it means I must make the time to write every day. I must stay focussed on these dreams and hold a strong belief in them. I must make an effort to write each day so that I stay in practice, keep my mind productive, keep on the path. I’ve let this stuff languish throughout my life because I don’t believe in myself.

No More.