Welcome to my story. Why is it unremarkable? And if it is, why would I bother to write it? (You can come to your own conclusion as to why you may or may not bother to read it.) Okay, why indeed?

First, let me go out of order. Why bother writing the story at all? Because, simply, I love to write. I only realized this recently, which is at least three years since I originally conceived of the ‘unremarkable’ idea, but nevertheless it is true….again, I am going out of order. How about I backtrack?

Several years ago I decided to write my story. The reasoning was partly that I wanted to practice writing, and my story is something I know intimately. I do not have to research anything, I do not have to create a compelling idea to write a story around, I simply have to remember. Easy-peasy. You see, often in my adult life I have felt some compulsion to write but have nothing in mind to write about, not wanting to write about my ‘thoughts’ or keep a daily diary. And laziness is a dear old friend of mine, so rather than actually work at it and come up with a writing idea, I have tended to put the pen down. Writing my own story would give me something at hand to write about any time the mood struck me.

Then as I gave the idea more energy, it occurred to me that it might help me understand myself better. If I am going deeper into memories of my life, I might come to know why I do some of the things I do, why I feel like I feel, why I am Adam. So it became in part a journey of self-exploration.

Further, after what the last couple of years or so has been like in my life (some intense partings with friends, a couple of break-ups, some financial mistakes, some realizations of large, large mistakes I’ve made in my life, not just financially) it has felt that maybe I have lessons to share with others. Perhaps some could learn from my growing pains; perhaps others could simply relate and realize that they are not alone. It has helped me to talk to others and realize the same.

Does that explain why I would bother to write it? If not, perhaps I’ll make that clear to you in time. If it does explain, let’s move on to the first question I raised, which concerns why my story is not remarkable. Well, I have had very little drama in my life, so that to me is key. Remarkable stories seem to have some amount of drama, some large hurdle that the protagonist must overcome in life to ‘make it’. My life has little to none in the way of physical harm, injury, no attacks, no beatings or things like that. A couple of minor car accidents are all that I have to my name.

Conversely, I have no great triumphs to report. I have some minor academic success, a fairly successful job in a mundane field, no sport trophies to share, no major goals achieved. {The only one and true wonderful thing in my life is my current love interest, my dream come true, the sweet and wonderful KLS. She deserves a story all her own in my life, but I will definitely touch on our time together at some point. We have been together two years and her presence has transformed me. Perhaps in time my story will actually be remarkable, and I would give her much of the credit for that.}

So now that I have told you that much, why bother to read it at all? Again, you must decide that for yourself. I have years of history to cover, eight states, twenty-two houses, dozens of jobs (literally), vacations, thousands of meals (don’t worry, I’m not going to describe them all to you), friends, schools (four different high schools! how messy is that), dreams, plans, a few goals, some travels (three countries, including the u.s.a.), dogs and cats but mostly dogs, cars, spiritual experiences, family (although this will not be a tell-all, not that there’s really any ‘all’ to tell, but I am not going to scandalize or expose my family; it’s all family-friendly), and plenty of all and sundry to go over.

So you can leave, check in at any point, take what you like and leave the rest….you get it. I will write it the best I can, regardless, and if you are there to receive it, that would be wonderful and gratifying. If you are not, I will continue to do my best and make it happen. So onwards and upwards. Thanks for being here.